March 06, 2003

Braying in The Wind


Posted by Forkum at March 6, 2003 10:03 AM



OK, breathe...


(on and on)

Thanks y'all. that's beautiful.

Posted by: Kubes at March 6, 2003 01:31 PM

Yep, Yep, yep. Sooooo funny. Good job.

Posted by: Dianne at March 6, 2003 03:44 PM

that's a great one, lol

Posted by: aph at March 6, 2003 04:08 PM

So true... You guys are great!

Posted by: BigBad at March 6, 2003 07:53 PM

This site has become part of my daily comics fix. You guys rock!

Keep up the great work!

Posted by: Drumwaster at March 6, 2003 08:19 PM


Posted by: Ariel at March 6, 2003 09:08 PM

Some time (soon) I would appreciate you devoting some thought to fully twisting the twit reporters at this evenings press conference. You guys do good.

Posted by: gymnast at March 6, 2003 09:17 PM


Just like Jack Benny at a stick up.

Thief: "Your money or your life! I said your money or your life! Weeellll, what are you waiting for! I said your money or your life!"

Jack: "I'm thinking I'm thinking!"

Posted by: JOEY at March 6, 2003 10:35 PM


That is freaking awsome on so many levels!

Posted by: Korgmeister at March 6, 2003 10:41 PM

Mwahahahahahahha...gotta take a breather. hahahahhaha.

You guys are great- you capture the main difference in attitude of the two parties.

Posted by: Inscrutable American at March 7, 2003 01:13 AM

*homer simpson voice* its funny cause its true

Posted by: tom at March 7, 2003 08:31 AM

I like the way you capture the note of hysteria in the donkey voice.

Posted by: tarbert at March 7, 2003 01:52 PM

Very funny.
Thank you.

Posted by: hushpuppy at March 7, 2003 06:23 PM

Possibly one of the funniest things I have ever seen. Thank you.

Posted by: addison at March 7, 2003 10:45 PM

Beautiful. Really truly beautiful, especially the donkey's hysteria in contrast to the elephant's look of world weary disgust in the donkey's direction.

Posted by: Sarah at March 8, 2003 07:13 PM

That is an excellent cartoon. You perfectly captured the Dems inanity and shrillness, and the Dem donkey perfectly reflects the unpleasant and foolish critter that most Liberals are.


Posted by: Charles T. at March 9, 2003 08:23 AM

You owe me a new keyboard and about a days paper work I just spit coffee all over.

That was just fricking great....


Posted by: Mike at March 10, 2003 03:24 PM

This cartoon sucks ass. Great analogy.

Posted by: Jello at March 12, 2003 05:24 PM

Great cartoon! Only a moron could fail to see the truth in this.


Posted by: Jaycephus at March 14, 2003 04:23 PM

WOW! man did i ever need THAT laugh!

Posted by: jeanette at March 19, 2003 06:35 PM