March 13, 2003

Thatís (not) Entertainment!


We know, we know ... Mr. Pennís Baghdad trip is old news, but with "anti-war" celebrities crawling out of the woodwork lately, it gives us an excuse to post this cartoon. At least a couple of Web sites are keeping tabs on "Hollywood Halfwits" and "Dumb Celebs". And according to The Hollywood Reporter, some Web users are protesting celeb activism. (Latter story via Views on the News)

Posted by Forkum at March 13, 2003 09:08 AM


I think celebrity delusions of importance are symptoms of a milder form of Michael Jackson's Disease. They surround themselves with people who will NEVER tell them no, who will always flatter them about how beautiful, intelligent and wise they are, and who insulate them as much as possible from reality. Bill Whittle's essay on Celebrity does a far better job than I could here on the rotten sort of people this environment produces. The only thing I can add is that they campaign for increases in the minimum wage, while "hiring" dozens of unpaid interns to do work for them - which illustrates their hypocracy.

Posted by: Mauser at March 13, 2003 11:03 AM