March 31, 2003

Minister of Disinformation


Fox News reports that NBC Severs Ties With Journalist Peter Arnett. "It was wrong for Mr. Arnett to grant an interview to state-controlled Iraqi TV, especially at a time of war," NBC spokeswoman Allison Gollust said.

In the interview, Mr. Arnett brags that his footage of civilian causalities is helpful to those who oppose the war. It's difficult to think of anything that would create more civilian causalities than Mr. Arnett's praise of Iraqi "resistance" and "discipline" and his assertion that the Coalition forces have "failed." (Here is the interview transcript, via LGF.)

UPDATE: Fox News reports that Britain's Daily Mirror Paper Hires Peter Arnett. The article describes the publication as "vehemently opposed to the war."

UPDATE: To further illustrate the atrociousness of Arnett's collaboration with Iraq's Tyranny TV, check out examples of the leaflets dropped on Iraq (from via The Command Post). The leaflets are designed to encourage Iraqi soldiers to surrender, thereby minimizing causalities both of Iraqis and Coalition forces. Arnett's comments have the opposite affect by encouraging futile Iraqi resistance.

UPDATE April 5: AP reports that Peter Arnett Now Reporting for Arab TV. (From The Command Post)

Posted by Forkum at March 31, 2003 01:01 PM