April 22, 2003

More Equal Than Others


U.K.'s The Independent reports: Under cover of war, Mugabe unleashes a new reign of terror. Excerpt: "Hundreds, if not thousands, of Zimbabweans were arrested and tortured as Mr Mugabe, apparently taking advantage of the lull in international scrutiny, stepped up his campaign of repression during the three weeks of the United States' war on Saddam Hussein." Yet, "The South African government mustered support among African nations within the UN Human Rights Commission to prevent a vote condemning Zimbabwe in Geneva this week." (Via LGF)

One "anti-war" group sides with Mugabe against Bush. (Via Andrew Sullivan)

And back in February, The Independent reported that French President Jacques Chirac was palling around with African dictator Mugabe. (Via InstaPundit)

Last year, The Intellectual Activist's Robert Tracinski analyzed Mugabe's despotic methods, including his so-called "land reforms": The Post-Colonialist Famine. Excerpt: "In the language of tin-pot dictatorships, 'reform' means 'theft.' For years, Mugabe has allowed armed gangs to occupy white-owned farms, sometimes murdering the owners, as a precursor to a plan to seize the farms, allegedly for redistribution to poor blacks. (In reality, the farms are going to Mugabe's cronies.)"

This cartoon [from June 2002] was created for the TIA editorial and is in our book, Black & White World.

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