April 29, 2003

By Arthur Szyk


For Holocaust Remembrance Day, we thought it would be appropriate to call attention to an illustrator we admire.

The editorial cartoon above is from The New Order (1941, G.P. Putnam's Sons), a collection of wartime illustrations by Arthur Szyk (1894–1951).

From the The Art and Politics of Arthur Szyk exhibit Web site at United States Holocaust Memorial Museum: "During World War II, Szyk (pronounced 'Shick') devoted his energies to defeating Nazi Germany and its allies and calling the world's attention to the mass murder of Europe's Jews. His incisive wartime cartoons and caricatures filled the pages of American newspapers and magazines, earning him a reputation as a 'one-man army' in the Allied cause. His moving portrayals of Jewish suffering and heroism bespoke a political activism that demanded 'action—not pity.' By 1943, Arthur Szyk had become perhaps America's leading artistic advocate for Jewish rescue from Nazi Europe."

For more about Holocaust victims, visit the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum.

For more about Mr. Szyk and to see samples of his work, visit:
The Art and Politics of Arthur Szyk
Arthur Szyk, Master Illuminator
Arthur Szyk, Artist for Freedom (Library of Congress)
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The Arthur Szyk Society

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