May 01, 2003

King Bush’s Wisdom


This cartoon is from April 2002 (and is in our book, Black & White World). Unfortunately, with the formal unveiling of the U.S. Roadmap to settling the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, it is still relevant. This "land-for-peace," two-state plan was distributed just hours after yet another pro-Palestinian homicide bombing.

In the Jewish World Review, Joshua Muravchik analyzes the roadmap, highlighting its fundamental flaw of moral equivalence: The Road Map to Nowhere: Do we really need another doomed Mideast peace process? Excerpt: "Not only does it call on each side, in virtually identical language, to 'cease violence' against the other, as if acts of terror and counterterror are commensurable. It also balances a demand that 'official Palestinian institutions end incitement against Israel' with one that 'official Israeli institutions end incitement against Palestinians.'" (Via LGF)

Last year, The Ayn Rand Institute's Elan Journo criticized the "trade" idea central to the roadmap: Israel's Suicide: The land-for-peace compromise will lead Israel only to self-destruction. Excerpt: "Although the land-for-peace doctrine seems to offer a mutually advantageous settlement, it is a vicious deception. Peace requires the cessation of Arab violence, particularly terrorism. To attain it, Israel is supposed to surrender territories crucial to its continued security -- territories that were won in the war instigated by Arab countries in 1967. To attain land, however, the Arabs are supposed to concede nothing; they need only withdraw their use of force. Like any aggressor, they are, in essence, holding the Israelis hostage. And like any victim, Israel, by paying the ransom, gains no value that it did not already have a right to."

Posted by Forkum at May 1, 2003 07:49 AM