May 21, 2003

Blood for Oil


CNN's main story this morning is: Saudis: Three arrested in hijack plot. This is good news coming after the Riyadh terror attacks last week. But it's going to take a lot more to prove that the Saudis are truly an ally.

In August 2002, The Intellectual Activist's Robert W. Tracinski explained why Saudi Arabia is fundamentally an enemy not an ally: Blood for Oil. Excerpt: "For the Saudis ... stolen oil changed everything. The wealthier the West became, the more we enriched the anti-Western fanatics in Arabia. The Saudi rulers are vigorous promoters of Wahhabism, a fanatical Islamic sect that preaches -- among other barbaric doctrines -- that Muslims have a duty to hate non-Muslims. They have exported this hatred to the rest of the region, inspiring and sponsoring the Taliban, paying blood money to Palestinian terrorists, broadcasting anti-Jewish incitement and anti-American propaganda in their state-controlled press, and tolerating the free flow of money to organizations like al-Qaeda."

CNN reports: Lawmakers criticize Saudi Arabia. The Saudis lamely defend themselves with statements like this one: "Our top religious authority and body in Saudi Arabia issued a ruling, a religious ruling, saying that it is un-Islamic to call people 'infidels,' because that's inciteful."

Yeah, right. Like they're going to rule in opposition to the Koran itself.

And to underscore how much the Saudis are not our allies, LGF highlighted this report recently: Iran, Saudi Arabia are said to have agreed to finance an ambitious program to modernize Syria's military.

Posted by Forkum at May 21, 2003 08:17 AM