June 08, 2003

Road Map to Hell


The Ayn Rand Institute's Robert W. Tracinski has a new editorial that explains why current "peace talks" are doomed:The Road Map to Hell. Excerpt: "Despite the big smiles, strong handshakes and profuse waving to the cameras by President Bush, Ariel Sharon and Mahmoud Abbas in Jordan [last] week, the 'road map' to a resolution of the Arab-Israeli conflict is doomed to failure. Why? For the same reason that every Middle East peace plan of the past has failed --because there is no 'road map' for achieving peace by negotiating with terrorists. [...] Legitimate diplomacy can only take place between those who are open to settling their differences through persuasion and who recognize each other's right to live. Yet for decades the Palestinians have consistently adopted brute force and mass murder as their primary means of pursuing their 'diplomatic' goals. And their ultimate goal has never changed: they seek the destruction of Israel."

The above editorial made this prediction last week: "Predictably, Abbas's 'crackdown' on terrorism is also a sham. Over the weekend [of June 1] he negotiated a 'cease-fire' with Hamas, under which the terrorists will temporarily stop killing -- but their arms and organizations will be left intact, to be unleashed on Israel later, after it has made itself more vulnerable."

Hamas later walked out of talks and started the murdering again this weekend: Four Israeli Soldiers Killed in Gaza Attack. Excerpt: "Three Palestinians -- one each from Hamas, Islamic Jihad and the Al Aqsa Martyrs' Brigade -- slipped into an Israeli army post Sunday and killed four soldiers before being killed by troops."

Posted by Forkum at June 8, 2003 04:26 PM