June 11, 2003

New Face?


Palestinian Prime Minister Mahmoud Abbas refuses rein in Palestinian militants, while Hamas and other terrorists kill Isrealis over the weekend. (Abbas Says Force Won't Be Used Against Militants)

The Israelis respond in self-defense by trying to kill the Hamas leader. Unfortunately, he survives. (55-Year-Old Rantisi Is Voice of Hamas)

And how did President Bush respond? He reprimanded Israel! (Bush Warns Israelis About Retaliation) This should be no big surprise. After all, Bush is treating Abbas as "untainted by terrorism" even though he is a puppet of Arafat. Referring to his "roadmap to peace," Bush said "...I emphasize that all parties must behave responsibly to achieve that objective."

This is why Bush's "roadmap" is so reprehensible and doomed to failure: it treats Israeli self-defense and Palestinian terrorism as morally equivalent.

At least Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon is making no apologies for the strike. (Israel Defends Hamas Strike Despite Bush's Reprimand)

Posted by Forkum at June 11, 2003 08:26 AM