June 13, 2003

The New Rorschach


Tomorrow is United States Flag Day. The Houston Chronicle reported this week that War veterans salute Flag Day. Excerpt: "When I talk to high school students about World War II, I tell them that if the American flag had not been raised around the world, they would be speaking German or Japanese right now," said [WWII veteran Ben Muller]. "It is very important."

UPDATE: The Ayn Rand Institute has an excellent editorial on the subject by Edwin A. Locke: On Flag Day Celebrate America's Core Values: Reason, Rights and Science. Excerpt: "In this age of diversity-worship, it is considered axiomatic that all cultures and countries are equal. Western culture -- and its most consistent and highest expression, America -- it is declared, is in no way superior to that of any other culture, not even to tribes of cannibals. To deny the equality of all cultures, claim most modern intellectuals, is to be guilty of the most heinous of intellectual sins: 'ethnocentrism.' It is to flout the 'sacred' (and false) principle of cultural relativism. But the relativists are wrong -- absolutely." (Hat tip Martin Lindeskog. Be sure to check out Martin's line of EGO products featuring a logo designed by Cox & Forkum.)

Posted by Forkum at June 13, 2003 08:03 AM