June 23, 2003

Get Branded


Doug Weinberg at ThoseShirts.com recently asked Cox & Forkum to illustrate an idea of his. What you see above is the result, and you can now order this image on a t-shirt (just click here). There's even a coffee mug for the caffeine-addicted political junkies among us. Either product should be handy for irritating leftist co-workers.

Presently no Democrat appears to pose a real threat to President Bush for the 2004 elections, so the spirit of the idea depicted above is probably closer to journalism than propaganda. But this does not mean that we're letting Bush off the hook. Just the opposite. You will continue to see us take him task on many issues foreign and domestic. But as for the 04 elections, Doug says it best at his Web site: "Democrats, Watch Your Ass!"

Posted by Forkum at June 23, 2003 05:48 AM