June 26, 2003

Affirmative Racism


According to a CNN article, "The Supreme Court ruled Monday that race can be a factor for universities shaping their admissions programs, saying a broad social value may be gained from diversity in the classroom."

Though the Bush Administration rightly opposed quotas, it did not take a strong, principled stance against the 'politically correct,' racist notion of 'diversity.' In fact, Bush praised the court for recognizing the 'value of diversity'.

In a January editorial titled The Racism of 'Diversity', The Ayn Rand Institute's Peter Schwartz wrote about affirmative action and the Michigan case. Excerpt: "The essence of racism is the idea that the individual is meaningless and that membership in the collective -- the race -- is the source of his identity and value. To the racist, the individual's moral and intellectual character is the product, not of his own choices, but of the genes he shares with all others of his race. To the racist, the particular members of a given race are interchangeable. [...]  If racism is to be rejected, it is the premise of individualism, including individual free will, that must be upheld. There is no way to bring about racial integration except by completely disregarding color. There is no benefit in being exposed to the thoughts of a black person as opposed to a white person; there is a benefit only in interacting with individuals, of any race, who have rational viewpoints to offer."

Posted by Forkum at June 26, 2003 07:53 AM