July 16, 2003

Do Not Read This


The Miami Herald reports: Cuba Accused of Blocking U.S. Satellite Feeds to Iran (Via Iran Va Jahan). Excerpt:

"All the transmissions affected so far are beamed from Los Angeles -- which has a large population of Iranian exiles -- by privately owned stations that oppose Iran's theocratic government, officials of the four stations said."

Yahoo News reports: Iran admits dead Canadian-Iranian journalist beaten. Excerpt:

"A top Iranian government official admitted that an Iranian-Canadian photo-journalist who died after her arrest here last month had suffered a 'brain haemorrhage caused by a beating.' [...] Kazemi was arrested on June 23 for taking photographs of protesters outside Evin prison in northern Tehran who were demanding the release of relatives locked up during last month's wave of anti-regime protests. ... She was transferred three days later to Baghiatollah Azam hospital where she died. Iranian authorities initilly said Kazemi fell ill while agents from the intelligence ministry -- a hardline-run institution -- were questioning her."

Reporters Without Borders reports: Five More Journalistes Arrested (Via Iran Va Jahan). Excerpt:

"We are very worried", Reporters Without Borders secretary-general Robert Ménard said, "not only because fourteen journalists have been arrested by Iranian authorities within the last month -- a sad record in the history of this country -- but also because the five new arrests bring to twenty-two the number of journalists presently imprisoned in Iran."

Notes of An Iranian Girl points to this article by blogger Pedram Moallemian: Blogs shall set you free. Excerpt:

"As events in Iran develop and dynamics of power and influence change rapidly, more Iranian voices are needed to express our wants and goals to the global community. English blogs are a vital way to express your views for this audience. With the current restrictions inside Iran, the safety concerns and language barriers, more of this load lays on the shoulders of those of us living abroad. Besides, most bloggers choose to remain anonymous and there is virtually no fear of reprisal."

UPDATE July 17 Mark Da Cunha at Capitalism Magazine has launched a Web site dedicated to pro-freedom editorials about Iran: Death to Theocracy.

Posted by Forkum at July 16, 2003 08:09 AM