September 25, 2003

Gitmo PR


From FoxNews: Third Person Questioned in Gitmo Spy Probe.

Yet another military member is being questioned about security violations at a U.S. prison camp, adding to a probe which already includes the arrests of Ahmad I. al-Halabi, the Syrian-born Air Force airman accused of espionage, and a U.S. Army Muslim chaplain, Pentagon officials said Wednesday.[...]

"I think it sends a pretty clear message to the rest of the folks there that we're pretty serious about safeguarding the activities that go on there," retired military intelligence officer John Nolan told Fox News. [...]

The arrests raise new questions about Syria's motives and actions in the U.S. campaign against Islamic fundamentalist terrorism.

Syria is on the State Department's list of countries sponsoring terrorism, but Washington and Damascus have long had normal diplomatic relations and Syria was forthcoming with intelligence about Al Qaeda after the Sept. 11 terror attacks.

Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld and other administration officials have accused Syria of possessing chemical weapons -- unlike Iraq, it never signed anti-chemical weapon agreements -- and of helping Saddam Hussein's regime before and during the recent Iraq war.

And don't forget: Syria is a member of the U.N. Security Council.

This cartoon is from March 2002 and is in our book, Black & White World.

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