September 30, 2003

Catch Vingt-Deux


Regarding the situation in Iraq...

Frank J at IMAO has set up a Web site featuring letters from soldiers in Iraq: Front Line Voices. Excerpt from a letter by U.S. Army Maj. Eric Rydbom:

"It has been a while since I have written to my friends at First Lutheran Church about what's really going on here in Iraq. The news you watch on TV is exaggerated, sensationalized and selective. Good news doesn't sell.

"The stuff you don't hear about on CNN? Let's start with electrical power production in Iraq. ..."

Joe Katzman has a thorough round-up of Iraq-related information. For example, there's this from Silent Running:

"When even Lebanon's Daily Star starts noticing that reality isn't conforming to ideology, perhaps it's time to politely ask the NY Times and CNN if it might be time for them to open their eyes and look around.

[Julia Flint writes:] 'In mid-summer, I spent over a month in Iraq. What I found there did not correspond to what was being reported -- most crucially, that the liberators were widely perceived as occupiers. That simply wasn’t true.'"

And finally, Dean Esmay at Dean's World brought to our attention the Iraqi Toy Drive hosted by Chief Wiggles. Dean also has an interesting post about the WWII precedent for the Iraqi toy drive: The Berlin Candy Drops.

Posted by Forkum at September 30, 2003 07:32 AM