October 06, 2003

T-Shirts: "Bring 'Em On, Allah" and "Axis of Evil"


In an effort to raise consciousness throughout the world and, at the same time, make money drawing funny pictures, Cox & Forkum is proud to introduce new t-shirts designs.

Pictured above is the "Bring 'Em On, Allah" t-shirt (click here for ordering info). America's enemy, the enemy of modern civilization everywhere, is militant Islam. If our government isn't willing to say that, we figured we might as well let Uncle Sam.

Pictured below is the "Axis of Evil" t-shirt (click here for ordering info). This is an editorial cartoon from April originally titled "Your Attention Please." In pursuing America's self-defense, it's good to remember that the only "peace process" understood by tyrants is the threat of military force backed up with a willingness to use it, preemptively if necessary. For those wondering why Syria and Cuba are included in the Axis of Evil, read this.


(On a current news note, after yet another Palestinian terrorist atrocity, we're glad to see that Israel is starting to deal with Syria the way America should be, and without groveling to the U.N. about it. Syrian President Bashar Assad is again feeling the heat. Israel is also to be commended for fingering the Islamist Tyranny of Iran as the funding source for the terrorists. Hopefully certain Iranian nuclear facilities are next on Israel's target list, because they certainly don't appear to be on America's list.)

We'll post the third t-shirt tomorrow or later this week.

Our thanks goes to Doug Weinberg at ThoseShirts.com for all his work in making these t-shirts available.

We hope you like our shirts enough to buy a few for yourself. But if not, don't forget the leftists in your life who would be deeply, deeply moved to receive our shirts as gifts.

Posted by Forkum at October 6, 2003 07:27 AM