November 12, 2003



From FoxNews: Report: Al Qaeda Claims Riyadh Bombings.

The latest al-Ablaj e-mail addressed criticism that Saturday's strike hurt Arabs and Muslims, not Americans, saying Al Qaeda also believed "working with Americans and mixing with them" was forbidden.

Yet also reported is that Saudi Attack Shocks Arab World. The shock is apparently that Al Qaeda takes more seriously the militant Islamic fundamentalism preached by the Saudis than the Saudis do themselves. What is shocking is this quote from the article:

"If any good can come of such horror ... it is surely that no one who now hears the name Al Qaeda will have any image in their mind other than one which truly reflects what the organization stands for: Innocent men and women being rushed to hospital dripping blood or trying to comfort their terrified children," the Saudi newspaper Arab News said in an editorial Tuesday.

Oh really? Did the Arab News not get that image on September 11, 2001? The name Al Qaeda didn't sound so bad when Americans were being murdered by the thousands? But now it does? What better way to illustrate how their Islamic sympathies have blinded them to the evil of Al Qaeda until they themselves are viciously attacked. Not that they'll blame their Islamic fundamentalism...

UPDATE: OUCH! We thought this idea was very original. But we noticed today a cartoon by Mike Thompson at American RealPolitik. How many Saudi-eating plant cartoons can there be?

Posted by Forkum at November 12, 2003 07:56 AM