December 14, 2003

Like A Rat


First of all, thanks to the U.S. troops for a job well done in capturing Saddam. You got 'em!

FoxNews reports:
Saddam Was 'Caught Like A Rat'
Troops 'Vindicated' By Arrest
4th Infantry Division Soldiers Take Victory Lap
Iraqis Celebrate News of Saddam's Capture
Iraqi Americans Celebrate Saddam's Capture
Bush Celebrates Saddam Capture
World Leaders Thrilled at Saddam's Capture

The capture has been blogged by better bloggers than us -- just go click through our blogroll. The Command Post has an good roundup of links, including the elated reaction of a few Iraqi bloggers.

Of course, not everybody was excited about the news: Palestinians Mark 'Black Day' of Saddam Capture and Arabs share little of world joy over Saddam's capture (via LGF). There's probably more than a few leftists who share that sentiment.

I noticed Sen. Joe Biden say on television that the U.S. should "internationalize" Saddam's trial by involving the U.N. so the trial "gains credibility." Mark Steyn noticed an impending contradiction:

A captured Saddam with a tongue depressor in his mouth. His tongue can't be half as depressed as the French, John Kerry, Howard Dean, The Guardian et al. They've all been saying for months that the Coalition needs to hand over more power and authority to Iraqis. Handing over Saddam to be tried in Baghdad is an excellent start. Or do they now want him on a plane to the Hague?

And if you haven't had enough of rats and cockroaches, we might as well re-run this February 2002 cartoon, from our book Black & White World:


Posted by Forkum at December 14, 2003 10:28 PM