February 05, 2004

Musharraf's Khan Man


The International Herald Tribune reported yesterday: Pakistani scientist Kahn admits he passed on nuclear secrets.

In an extraordinary announcement, Abdul Qadeer Khan, the revered founder of Pakistan's nuclear weapons program, appeared on national television early this evening, admitted he had shared Pakistani nuclear technology with other countries and asked the nation for forgiveness.

"I take full responsibility for my actions," the scientist, once one of the most powerful men in Pakistan, said in a soft voice, "and seek your pardon." [...]

He said he acted entirely on his own and did not have the permission of his superiors to share the technology.

"There was never, ever any kind of authority for these activities from the government," he said. [...]

On Sunday a senior Pakistani official said a government investigation had found that the scientist had shared Pakistan's nuclear technology with Iran, Libya and North Korea for more than a decade. In what appears to be one of the most successful efforts to evade antiproliferation controls in history, Khan sent nuclear-weapons related parts, plans and designs to the three countries with the aid of middlemen from Sri Lanka, Germany and the Netherlands. [...]

Analysts have said that it would have been nearly impossible for Khan to have passed on such information without the tacit approval of the country's powerful army.

The Guardian reported more bluntly about who approved of what: Musharraf knew I was selling secrets, says nuclear scientist. (Via InstaPundit)

The disgraced founder of Pakistan's nuclear programme has informed investigators that he supplied rogue states with nuclear technology with the full knowledge of the country's ruling military elite, including President Pervez Musharraf, a friend of the nuclear scientist was reported as saying yesterday.

CNN reports today: Nuke scientist set for pardon.

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