March 08, 2004

Still waiting...

NOTICE: Posting of cartoons will resume on Tuesday, March 16. This is just a quick update (see below).


I've turned off the comments on the First Annual Report post. And what can we say? "Thankful" seems too weak a word. We are heartened and deeply gratified by all the compliments we've received this past week from you readers. John and I are particularly grateful for the ideas and offers of support in our quest for syndication.

As I said in the comments, if we decide to coordinate an e-mail/letter campaign for the syndicates, we will of course announce it here. But in the mean time, feel free to contact your local papers, as some of you have already done. Frankly I don't know how effective such requests will be, but I do know that local newspapers want to hear from local readers and not from people scattered all over the world. Perhaps if we can not presently convince a syndicate to carry Cox & Forkum editorial cartoons, we may be able to convince individual papers. We, in the mean time, will continue pursuing what avenues we can and creating more cartoons. Hope to see everyone back on March 16th.

P.S. The cartoon above is one we created a while back for our own amusement. That's John in front of the donkey. We do have creative licenses ... just in case any of you thought we did this stuff illegally.

Posted by Forkum at March 8, 2004 01:05 AM