March 21, 2004

"Anti-War" Protests


Above and below are some of our previous cartoons regarding "anti-war" protesters. Little Green Footballs has kept tabs on media coverage of this weekend's demonstrations:

Palestinian Terror Sympathizers
AP Crosses the Line
Fraudulent Event Note

Finally, here's a Yahoo slideshow of photos from the demonstrations. LFG's Charles Johnson comments:

I'm looking through Yahoo’s slideshow of Anti-War Photos and I'm just aghast at the casual anti-semitism in so many of them. I expect the irrational, insane hatred of George W. Bush. But the sheer poisonous craziness, tinged with sympathy for Palestinian terrorism and Jew-hatred, is beginning to plumb new depths. Where will this end?

UPDATE March 22 Little Green Footballs has a number of new links regarding the weekend protests: First-person account from New York City Photos from New York City
Babs via Allah Is In The House: Another first-person account from New York City
Alexis Z: First-person account from Atlanta
Rayra: Photos from Los Angeles
zombie: Photos from San Francisco Rally




Posted by Forkum at March 21, 2004 01:20 PM