March 26, 2004

United Against


CNN reports: Dems rally for Kerry.

Kerry, who hit the campaign trail after almost a week on vacation, was the star of a Democratic "unity" dinner in Washington where party leaders, including former Presidents Clinton and Carter, rallied the party faithful. [...]

Earlier, at a rally at George Washington University, Kerry and former Vermont Gov. Howard Dean pledged to put their sometimes-bitter primary fight behind them. [...]

"In the end, it is Generation Dean voting for John Kerry for president of the United States that is going to send George Bush back to Texas where he belongs," Dean said

UPDATE: AP reports: Kerry Says U.S. Deserves Truthful Leader. (Via LGF)

[At the unity dinner,] Democrats who tried to tear down Kerry during the primary praised him as they united in the common cause of beating President Bush. […]

There … was much condemnation of Bush.

Flip-flop Kerry’s labeling of himself as a “truthful leader” is a joke unto itself. But as Charles Johnson points out, one issue was glaringly absent amid all the back-slapping: 9/11. (See our Wednesday post for a possible reason why.)

UPDATE: A USAToday article contains some more anti-Bushism from the Dems: Dem leaders gather in D.C. to embrace Kerry. (Via Drudge Report)

Entering [Democratic Party Chairman Terry] McAuliffe's new corner office, which is equipped as a TV studio, visitors walk over a doormat bearing a likeness of President Bush and the words, "Give Bush the Boot."

Drudge reminds us that Saddam treated Bush Sr.'s image in a similar fashion.

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