April 12, 2004

Raising Tyranny


"Solidarity With The Insurgents of Fallujah!" ... "Support Armed Resistance in Iraq & Everywhere!" ... "Avenge Yassin"

These slogans and more like them appeared on protester's signs during "anti-war" demonstrations this weekend, one of which was proudly billed as the "Insurgence Solidarity March." As if we needed any, this is yet more evidence of the complete moral bankruptcy of the Left. Photos can be seen here, here, here and here (all via LGF).

NOTE: This cartoon is based on the world famous "Iwo Jima Flag Raising" photograph by Joe Rosenthal. The February 1945 battle of Iwo Jima killed 6,821 Americans, 5,931 of them Marines. (This cartoon was inspired by a suggestion from Rich Chandler.)

Posted by Forkum at April 12, 2004 06:14 PM