April 21, 2004

Weight of the World


Tomorrow is Earth Day. Being capitalists, we decided to exploit the occasion by advertising a product that happens to have claimed the lives of a few trees: our book, Black & White World (which can be purchased at these online retailers: Amazon.com, The Intellectual Activist and Quent Cordair Fine Art). The above cartoon is in our book, and it's not just any cartoon -- it is the first editorial cartoon John and I created.

Back on topic: Freelance editorialist Joseph Kellard wrote in A Tragedy of Environmentalism:

From early on, children are told a host of environmentalism's half-truths, facts taken out of context, and outright lies, which paint man as a short-sighted, rapacious blight on the planet, and responsible for alleged catastrophic global warming, forest, animal and resource depletion, and many other non-factors.

Environmentalism puts up a fašade of being for clean air and water for man's betterment, but clearly the movement is against his rational self-interest.

Tragically, this environmentalist propaganda passed off as education produces anxiety- and guilt-ridden children unable think objectively and independently to question this orthodoxy. Tragically, they will grow up not only educators themselves, teaching the same falsehoods to their students, but also politicians always eager to enforce more regulations that restrict man from using earth's resources for his survival and happiness.

For an example of how kids are frightened and guilt-tripped by environmentalists, see PeTA Kids. For more information on environmentalism, see the editorials at Environmentalism: The Anti-Industrial Revolution, in particular, On Earth Day Remember: If Environmentalism Succeeds, It Will Make Human Life Impossible by Michael S. Berliner, and The Terror of 'Animal Rights' by Alex Epstein.

Posted by Forkum at April 21, 2004 05:03 PM