April 28, 2004

'Spirit of America' $50K Drive


The Spirit of America blogosphere fund-raising challenge has been extended by one day, which means it will end at midnight Thursday, April 29. [Update: That's Pacific Standard Time.]

In an effort to reach the goal of $50,000.00, the blogger factions are joining forces. As of this posting, the total on the results page was $43,577.83. The goal is within reach. Lt. Smash has a round-up of auctions. Remember: you don't have to bid in auctions to donate.

We are proud to note that the "Futures" cartoon original art raised $2,004.00, and that Cox & Forkum auction proceeds totaled $2,454.00. A special thank you to auction winners Joey, PJ and Alan; we applaud them for their donations. But that total does not include donations that we know were made by readers who did not win an auction -- thank you as well.

As I said once before, we are overwhelmed by and deeply grateful for the response by you readers. Thanks to everyone who participated. All of you deserve credit for your willingness to support the Marines.

We are honored to have such a fine audience.

UPDATE: At 8am CST the grand total was $45,068.83 and climbing.

UPDATE II: At 10:30pm CST the grand total was $49,681.83.

UPDATE III -- April 30: At this moment the results page hasn't changed, but a survey of participating blogs indicates that money still being received will easily top the $50,000.00. Thanks again to everyone who participated.

The Wall Street Journal has an editorial on Spirit of America concerning yesterday's press event about the shipment of TV equipment to Iraq: A Good Start On Iraq Homefront. See photos of the event here. This shows that donations are quickly being put to use for their stated purposes. Our best wishes and gratitude go out to all the Marines and other servicemen and women trying to make Iraq, Afghanistan and ultimately America safe from terrorists.

Posted by Forkum at April 28, 2004 11:57 PM