June 21, 2004

Open for Business


Space.com reports today: SpaceShipOne Makes History: First Manned Private Spaceflight.

Scaled Composites, designer and builder of the rocket plane, say the successful mission will "demonstrate that the space frontier is finally open to private enterprise." ... "This event could be the breakthrough that will enable space access for future generations," a pre-launch Scaled Composites press statement explains.

Glenn Reynolds has more links here.

UPDATE June 22: TIA Daily links to two SpaceShipOne articles in The Washington Post (registration require) and The Los Angles Times. TIA's Robert Tracinki comments:

"Starship Private Enterprise" ... Today's Washington Post offers a nice bit of reporting on the events surrounding the test of Burt Rutan's SpaceShipOne -- an event that recalls the inspiring days of the 1960s space program. But this space race is proof, not just of the power of the mind, but also of the power of private enterprise -- which just sent a man to space on the same budget and schedule NASA would require for "a paper study." (The LA Times coverage ... is a little too flippant in tone, but it does capture more of the entrepreneurial, capitalistic flavor of the event.)

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Posted by Forkum at June 21, 2004 08:53 PM