August 02, 2004



FoxNews reports: Dems Fail to Register Post-Convention Bounce.

In today's TIA Daily, Robert Tracinski examines why "Kerry's Post-Convention Dip" may have happened.

That question is implicitly answered in a report in today's Washington Post (here) on Kerry's post-convention campaigning. Since this comes from the generally liberal Washington Post, you would expect it to be positive toward Kerry (e.g., the kind of uncritical drivel still being churned out by the LA Times). But this report is a clear, factual, somewhat dry blow-by-blow of the intellectual gaffes Kerry has committed just in the past 72 hours. The left's rap against Bush is that he is supposedly "stupid" and "arrogant." Yet thoughtlessness and arrogance are exactly the qualities that emerge from this report on Kerry -- and they may explain why getting to know Kerry's personality has not swayed voters to his side.

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Posted by Forkum at August 2, 2004 09:43 PM