August 13, 2004

The Beauty and the Beast


Fay Wray - Legendary Scream Queen by Barry Meyer:

Miss Wray spent her final years in the shadows of the landmark which brought her fame -- the Empire State Building.

'Each time I arrive in New York,' she wrote in her biography 'and (I) see the skyline and the exquisite beauty of the Empire State Building, my heart beats a little faster. I like that feeling. I really like it!'

New York City paid tribute to the legendary movie star Tuesday night by dimming the lights of the Empire State Building for fifteen minutes.

The legendary scream queen died in her Manhattan apartment Sunday night.

I've loved the movie King Kong since I was a kid. This is our small tribute to Ms. Wray, who starred in the 1933 film.

Posted by Forkum at August 13, 2004 08:08 AM