September 13, 2004

Up In Smoke


We know. Two Dan Rather cartoons in a row. But with Rather still defending the fake memos, we couldn't resist.

As for North Korean mushroom clouds ... FoxNews reports: Report: N. Korea Says Blast Was Planned. They claim the explosion was related to a "hydroelectric project" that involved the demolition of a mountain. Perhaps. But it also happened on the 56th anniversary of the founding of North Korea, so a celebratory weapons test of some sort wouldn't be surprising. Why else would the North Koreans respond by complaining about South Korea's tests? Secretary of State Colin Powell said there's no indication the explosion was part of a nuclear test.

UPDATE I -- September 17: The cartoon appears in today's (Friday's) The Detroit News.

UPDATE II: The mushroom cloud story has taken a bizarre turn. FoxNews reports: S. Korea: No Blast in N. Korea.

The mushroom-shaped cloud -- initially detected by South Korean intelligence authorities and widely reported from an explosion -- is believed to have been a natural cloud, said Deputy Unification Minister Lee Bong-jo during a weekly news briefing.

Posted by Forkum at September 13, 2004 08:08 PM