September 22, 2004

Guess Who's On the Catwalk


Charles Johnson noted this week:

In Saudi Arabia, where women are not allowed to leave their homes without covering every inch of skin, they held a beauty pageant recently. For goats.

From Arab News: Guess Who’s On the Catwalk.

RIYADH, 19 September 2004 -- Goat fanciers turned out in force to admire and bid for beautiful goats showing off on the catwalk at a weekend festival and auction of Al-Shami goats in Riyadh. [...]

As prices kept rising at the auction, goat breeders were jubilant that goat breeding after all was as profitable as camel breeding.

Thirty goats were selected according to age and gender. Abdul Aziz Al-Khalaf, one of the five judges for the “Most Beautiful Goat” competition, explained that the winners are chosen on the basis of a combination of factors and overall appearance, not simply by their color. Particular points taken into consideration are the head, nose, mouth, ears, breast and eyes. The most important factor is the size of the head and the whiteness of the eye.

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Posted by Forkum at September 22, 2004 11:55 PM