September 30, 2004

C&F Invades Saddam's Palace

Click here and scroll down to see a photo of our book, Black & White World, being placed in the library of Saddam's palace by Joe Kane, a Navy journalist recently sent to Baghdad. His blog, Able Kane Adventures, also contains this noteworthy encounter:

The biggest need we have here is information of the right sort. When I put the U.S. Constitution (in Arabic) in the hands of the Iraqi citizen who had asked me about it previously, tears filled his eyes. He shook my hand and held onto it for a long time with his head down and then looked at me and said thank you. This is the man who two weeks ago was warned not to continue working with the Americans. The man whose wife is 5 months pregnant. He is one of the people here, desperate to learn and to influence the process of political development.

Our deepest thanks to Joe and all his fellow soldiers for their work in Iraq.

(Hat tips to Robert Begley and Lee Sandstead)

Posted by Forkum at September 30, 2004 05:47 PM