October 11, 2004

C&F Cartoon on Italian TV

Italian blogger Marco Montemagno was recently interviewed on a new Italian television show covering America's presidential election. In the course of the interview, the Cox & Forkum Web site is show on-screen, and our Dan Rather vs. Bloggers cartoon is prominently featured. You can see the video by clicking on the link at the end of Marco's post. (The cartoon appears in the middle of the video when he begins discussing Memogate.) The video is of course in Italian, but Marco writes:

On Sky Tg24 Televison channel, directed by Emilio Carelli, has been launched yesterday a weekly show about USA Election 2004 and Internet [...]

It's a real and true innovation for the Italian television, because it's offered to the public at home the possibility to watch all the material (video, images, documents) available over the web, but rarely shown on the italian national television.

Also blogs and bloggers will get major attention as information source and it is the first time that a blogger, is the guest of a television show during the news, which is a real revolution for the italian televsion.

Our congratulations (and thanks) to Marco.

Posted by Forkum at October 11, 2004 08:25 PM