November 10, 2004

Peace Initiative


James Taranto has a roundup of the conflicting stories about Yasser Arafat's "nuanced" state of being. has a short video to remind us that Arafat is the Godfather of modern terrorism: Arafat's Legacy.

And Daniel Pipes examines Arafat's Bedroom Farce.

It is hard to find words adequate to describe the malevolent 40-year long career of the world's longest reigning terrorist (it began in January 1965), a man who fouled his nest in Jordan, Lebanon, and then in the West Bank and Gaza, a moral monster who fooled the world into thinking he had reformed (remember that Nobel Peace Prize?). Yet his farcical death-scene provides perhaps the appropriate coda to an unworthy life.

(Links via Little Green Footballs)

UPDATE -- November 11: CNN reports: Palestinian leader Arafat dies at 75.

Posted by Forkum at November 10, 2004 05:23 PM