December 01, 2004

New Book and -- UPDATED

IMPORTANT UPDATE: Apparently I was premature in announcing our book's availability at Though two people at our distributor confirmed it by looking at the Amazon order page, that page now says that the book is not available [available in 8 to 11 days]. (The first book still is available however.) Sorry for the confusion.

So, as a reminder, you can still get Black & White World II now by placing a PayPal order and receiving the book directly from our distributor. Ordering the book through PayPal is easy and secure. Some quidelines:

-- Credit Cards Only (you do not have to have a PayPal account);
-- Shipping & Handling is $5 for the first book, plus an additional $1 for each book in the same order, up to five books (e-mail us for larger orders: contact -- at --;
-- For One Book: Priority Shipping in U.S. via USPO;
-- For Two to Five Books: Ground Shipping in U.S. via UPS (No P.O. boxes allowed);
-- International Orders via USPO Surface Mail Only; and finally...
-- Tennessee Residents Pay Sales Tax.

That's it. Just click the button below.

As we said before, the book will eventually be available at and Barnes & Noble.

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