December 23, 2004

In Honor


This cartoon originally appeared in March 2003, and we're reposting here in honor of those killed in Monday's suicide bombing by Islamists, as well as in honor of all those who have died fighting the war on terror. Our thoughts are with the troops who are putting themselves in harm's way to protect our freedom. The Department of Defense has a Web page devoted helping our troops and their families: Defend America: Support Our Troops.

From FoxNews: Mosul Attack Likely Work of Homicide Bomber.

BAGHDAD, Iraq — The U.S. military was re-examining security measures at bases across Iraq on Thursday, a day after saying an attack that killed 22 people at a camp near Mosul was likely carried out by a homicide bomber who may have had inside information.

The explosion on Monday at the tightly guarded U.S. base raised questions about how the attacker infiltrated the compound, which is surrounded by blast walls and barbed wire and watched by U.S. troops who search every person going in and check his identity.

Also from FoxNews: Doctors Work to Save Wounded.

BERLIN -- U.S. military doctors worked through the night into Thursday stabilizing soldiers and civilians injured in a deadly insurgent attack on a base in northern Iraq, a hospital spokeswoman said.

Forty-two soldiers and civilians arrived for treatment Wednesday at the U.S. military's Landstuhl Regional Medical Center (search) in southern Germany with chest wounds, shrapnel wounds, broken bones and burns.

"We've been working around the clock," said Landstuhl spokeswoman Marie Shaw.

With Christmas near, extra doctors working on lighter holiday schedules have been put on standby, told that they need to be able to report to the hospital within two hours if needed. So far, the regular staff has been able to cope with the workload, Shaw said.

"Even our commander went in to surgery last night," she said in a telephone interview.

The hospital was preparing to evacuate 11 patients later Thursday to Brooks Army Medical Center in Texas, which has a burn center.

"They need specialized care," Shaw said.

UPDATE I: The Ville has a good idea for helping the troops: buying them phone cards.

UPDATE II -- December 24: Young Pundits has even more links for helping the families of killed/wounded servicemen and women.

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