January 03, 2005

Annus Horribilis


This cartoon was partly inspired by a comment from Glenn Reynolds regarding this New York Times article: Frank words for Annan in effort to revitalize UN. From the article:

UNITED NATIONS, New York -- The crisis meeting of veteran foreign policy experts in a Manhattan apartment one recent Sunday was held in agreed-upon secrecy.

The high profile guest of honor came unaccompanied by his usual retinue of aides and without the knowledge of most of his closest advisers. The mission, in the words of one participant, was clear -- "to save Kofi and rescue the UN." ...

The secret gathering came at the end of a year that Annan has described as the organization's "annus horribilis," a year in which the United Nations faced charges of corruption in the way it ran the oil-for-food program in Iraq, evidence that blue-helmeted peacekeepers in Congo ran prostitution rings and raped women and teenage girls and formal motions of no confidence in the organization's senior management from staff unions.

Posted by Forkum at January 3, 2005 06:54 PM