January 18, 2005

Aid and Abet


From The New York Times: U.N. Panel Urges Doubling of Aid to Cut Poverty.

An international team sponsored by the United Nations proposed a detailed, ambitious plan on Monday that it says could halve extreme poverty and save the lives of millions of children and hundreds of thousands of mothers each year by 2015. ... The report advocates reforms to ease trade barriers and sweeping investments in health, education, rural development, road building, housing and scientific research.

Apparently only one person involved with the plan voiced well-founded misgivings:

But its approach was viewed by some critics as utopian overreaching. At least one economist involved, Nancy Birdsall, president of the Center for Global Development in Washington, said she worried that it put too little emphasis on the need for poor countries to make deep political and social changes to reduce poverty.

That's an understatement. These countries need more economic freedom not more socialism.

Posted by Forkum at January 18, 2005 09:55 PM