February 24, 2005

C&F cartoons in Germany

Cox & Forkum editorial cartoons were used in yesterday’s March for German-American Friendship in Mainz, Germany. David Kasper and Ray D (Davids Medienkritik) have posted pictures here: Bush’s Visit to Mainz: A Demonstration of Success. Apparently their march received good media coverage. Our thanks and congratulations to them for demonstrating for freedom. (The cartoons seen in the photo are Death Dealers and Mullah Justice.)

UPDATE I: No Pasaran has more pictures (including a protest sign featuring this cartoon): German Masses Protesting Bush's Mainz Visit Are In for a Surprize.

UPDATE II -- February 25: Paul Hoffmeister -- the person responsible for making the placards with our cartoons for the Mainz demonstration -- wrote us an e-mail about the event. Following is an excerpt:

As you probably have heard already, the rally was a big success. Though we were only around 30 [people], we got big media coverage. ... Your cartoons were really upgrading the effect of our rally. Even the bad guys were sometimes impressed. Some went around and took photos of them. It seemed occasionally they even made them think a bit. Maybe you'll get famous now here in good old Germany. :-)

Our thanks to Paul. Good to know that the cartoons didn't start a riot!

UPDATE III --March 7: Even more photos of the march. (Via Davids Medienkritik)

Posted by Forkum at February 24, 2005 11:18 AM