March 29, 2005

Mugabe's Campaign


From ABC News: Mugabe: Zimbabwe Opposition Are Traitors.

HARARE, Zimbabwe?Mar 29, 2005 -- President Robert Mugabe branded supporters of the country's main opposition Movement for Democratic Change party as traitors in comments broadcast repeatedly on state radio Tuesday, raising fears of new political violence two days ahead of parliamentary elections.

"All those who will vote for the MDC are traitors," state radio quoted Mugabe as saying to a ruling ZANU-PF party rally Monday at Mutoko, 90 miles northeast of Harare.

Similar comments by the president in the past have encouraged ruling party and youth militia's to take violent action against opposition supporters and candidates.

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UPDATE I -- March 30: This cartoon will appear in the March 31 (Thursday) edition of National Post.

UPDATE II -- March 31: InstaPundit has here, here and here.

UPDATE III -- April 6: This cartoon appeared in the April 1st edition of Investor's Business Daily.

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