April 27, 2005

Saddam's Big Heart


From FoxNews: Lawyer: Saddam in 'Good Health, High Spirits'.

Saddam turns 68 on Thursday [April 28]. His defense team, which is based in Jordan, still considers him the legal president of Iraq. It was Saddam's second meeting with a member of the legal team. U.S. forces have refused to allow family members to see him.

The above cartoon, from August 2003, was never posted on our site but appears on our latest book Black & White World II. It was inspired by a news story at the time: Saddam's daughters express love for dad.

"He was a very good father, loving, has a big heart," Raghad, wearing a fashionable white headscarf showing part of her light brown hair, told CNN. Asked if she wanted to give a message to her father, she said: "I love you and I miss you."

The story also notes that the big-hearted, loving father killed his two daughters' husbands in 1996.

UPDATE -- April 28: We didn't know it, but reader Jim Fuerstenberg informs us that Pyscho author Robert Bloch was well-known for having made a similar joke years ago when he said: "Despite my ghoulish reputation, I really have the heart of a small boy. I keep it in a jar on my desk."

Posted by Forkum at April 27, 2005 07:50 PM