May 05, 2005

Afghan Times


CNN reported yesterday that al Qaeda's No.3 man had been arrested.

The alleged number three man in al Qaeda -- believed responsible for the terror group's global operations -- has been captured in Pakistan's frontier province with Afghanistan, Pakistani and U.S. officials have confirmed.

Today FoxNews reports: 64 Rebels, 10 Police Killed in Afghan Fighting

Fierce battles between U.S. and government forces and Taliban-led militants have left about 64 rebels dead, the U.S. military said Thursday, the bloodiest fighting in Afghanistan in nine months. Nine Afghan troops and a policeman were also killed.

And an IWPR article from last month reported: Female Footballers Overcome Obstacles.

They practice on concrete rather than on grass, and their kit is far from uniform, but Afghanistan's premier women’s football team is looking forward to making history this summer when it plays its first international match.

The latter article comes from an extensive report by Arthur Chrenkoff covering Afghanistan news from the last month: Good news from Afghanistan, Part 12.

Posted by Forkum at May 5, 2005 03:39 PM