May 23, 2005

Bill Frist


Above is the first of a new feature here at Cox & Forkum: caricatures by John Cox.

Rarely do our editorial cartoons provide enough room to fully display John's caricaturing talent. And our pen-and-ink style has it's own limitations, not offering the potential subtleties of graphite.

Because we had such a positive reaction to the caricature sketches from BlogNashville, we decided to make them a regular feature. This will give John a chance to draw large, graphite caricatures of people in the news (not limited to politics), and it will give readers and clients an added feature. Though the caricatures will have all of John's exaggeration and style, they will not be loaded with our usual editorial comment (the post, however, will contain relevant news and commentary links like the one below).

We hope that everyone enjoys the addition.

From FoxNews: Bush Again Urges Votes on Judges:

Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist told Democrats that unless they allow an up or down vote on the seven stalled nominees, he will invoke the so-called "nuclear" or "constitutional" option, by which filibusters on nominees will be banned for good.

UPDATE -- May 24: From CNN: Senators compromise on filibusters.

Frist was less enthusiastic [about the compromise than Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid], saying the agreement "falls short" of the principle that all judicial nominees should receive a vote on the Senate floor. But he said he was "very pleased" the nominations of three Bush appointees will finally come to a vote.

"It has some good news, and it has some disappointing news, and it will require careful monitoring," Frist said.

Posted by Forkum at May 23, 2005 07:46 PM