June 02, 2005



From The Washington Post: Double 'no' to treaty plunges Europe into crisis:

The European Union faced a deepening crisis of confidence on Thursday after the Dutch joined the French in rejecting a new constitution in a move that could stall the bloc's expansion and disrupt decision-making.

Robert Tracinski at TIA Daily offers a good analysis: Liberty and Union -- Why the European Constitution Had to Fail:

That is the real essence of the European constitution. It is not that people know that it will be used to promote "markets" or that they know it will be used to promote socialism. It is that they sense it will create a political entity whose actions cannot be predicted or controlled. That is the overall sense that actually seems to be uniting Europe, and uniting it in opposition to the constitution. The one thing you hear from both left and right -- from French socialists, Dutch euthanasia advocates, and British conservatives -- is the sense that the European constitution creates a political elite that is not accountable to its subjects.

Posted by Forkum at June 2, 2005 06:00 PM