July 28, 2005

Operation Murambatsvina


From BBC: Zimbabwe report discussed at UN.

The UN Security Council has discussed a report on Zimbabwe's controversial slum demolition campaign, despite opposition from a number of member countries.

The report, prepared by UN special envoy Anna Tibaijuka, said the drive had left hundreds of thousands homeless and caused untold human misery.

The UK and US led calls for it to be discussed, but countries including China and Russia were opposed. They said it would amount to meddling in Zimbabwe's internal affairs. ...

Despite pleas for an end to Operation Murambatsvina (Drive Out Rubbish), riot police continue to demolish illegally-built structures in Zimbabwe's capital, Harare. ...

Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe says the demolitions are intended to weed out criminals and black-market traders he accuses of bringing down the economy.

The Zimbabwean opposition says the evictions are meant to punish urban residents, who mostly vote against the government.

Last week's UN report said the campaign violated international law and Secretary General Kofi Annan himself called it a "catastrophic injustice" to Zimbabwe's poorest.

UPDATE -- July 31: Gateway Pundit has more: Zimbabwe Continues Secret Genocide.

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