August 29, 2005

Cindy Sheehan


From CNN: Sharpton, Sheen visit antiwar camp.

The Rev. Al Sharpton joined hundreds of war protesters camping near President Bush's ranch for an interfaith service Sunday, saying he felt compelled to meet Cindy Sheehan, the grieving mother who started the rally three weeks earlier.

Sheehan arrived in Bush's hometown August 6 and refused to leave until she could question the president about the war that has killed more than 1,870 U.S. service members, including her son Casey.

From The Rocky Mountain News: Tide Turning on Sheehan by Mike Rosen.

In spite of her glorified treatment in the liberal media, the tide of public opinion is turning against Cindy Sheehan. Her words and actions simply don't stand up to objective scrutiny. She's a veritable supermarket of rants, cliches and conspiracy theories about President Bush and the United States of America.

She opposed U.S. action against the Taliban in Afghanistan. She wants Israel out of Palestine. Because her son was killed in 2004 ("murdered" by George W. Bush, as she puts it), she's refused to pay her income taxes. She's severed relations with her in-laws as punishment for their voting for Bush in 2004. She believes the "mainstream media" (The New York Times, The Washington Post, Time Newsweek, The Associated Press, ABC, CBS, NBC?) are "a propaganda tool for the government," and that were it not for left-wing bloggers on the Internet, "we would already be a fascist state."

She wants the president to be impeached, tried for war crimes and sent to jail. She brands the U.S. government a "morally repugnant system" and declares that "this country is not worth dying for."

From Cindy: Terrorists 'freedom fighters' by Joe Kovacs.

Cindy Sheehan, the so-called Peace Mom seeking a second meeting with President Bush in connection with the Iraq War death of her son, says terrorists killing Americans are "freedom fighters."

She made the remark during her trek earlier this month to Crawford, Texas; but her equating the enemy with freedom fighters has not been highlighted by the mainstream media, despite her telling it directly to a reporter for CBS News.

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