September 01, 2005



From AFP: Looters worsen hurricane crisis in New Orleans.

NEW ORLEANS, United States (AFP) - Rescuers raced to reach stranded survivors of Hurricane Katrina as authorities battled to stop looters taking control of the stricken city of New Orleans.

With authorities estimating hundreds of dead from Monday's storm -- and not even bothering to recover bodies from the floods, news that floodwater levels had stabilised offered scant relief as the enormous scale of the crisis became apparent. ...

US National Guard troops early Thursday girded for a mission to stem rising anarchy in looting-hit New Orleans, as authorities tried to stop the situation spiralling out of control.

"The National Guard is quickly hoping to turn its mission to more law enforcement," Bob Mann, spokesman for Louisiana Governor Kathleen Blanco, told reporters in a late night briefing.

UPDATE I -- Sept. 2: Glenn Reynolds' list of groups assisting in the emergency keeps growing (see here). [Technorati tags: flood aid, Hurricane Katrina]

UPDATE II: Robert Tracinski offers some insight into the origin of the looter mentality criticized in our cartoon: An Unnatural Disaster: A Hurricane Exposes the Man-Made Disaster of the Welfare State .

UPDATE III: Attention Bloggers: Apothegm Designs is auctioning free blog designs to the two highest bidder-donators -- but you have to bid before midnight tonight (Sept. 2) (via Confederate Yankee).

UPDATE IV: KatrinaFinder is a site dedicated to helping reconnect those separated by the the hurricane (via Macker's World).

UPDATE V: Gus Van Horn suggests donating to Armed Forces Retirement Home, whose facilities in Gulfport, Miss., were hard hit (via Martin Lindeskog).

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