September 28, 2005

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This cartoon was created in December 2002 and is one of over 450 cartoons in our second book Black & White World II. Unfortunately, when it comes to Iran and Saudi Arabia President Bush still seems intent on evading a confrontation with the primary state supporters of Islamic terrorism.

From JihadWatch: Bush: Saudi Arabia Certified (hat tip Tom Pechinski).

According to President Bush, the Saudi government qualifies for financial aid since they have cooperated in the fight against terror. It seems that all reports that contradict this cooperation were either ignored or brushed aside.

In the "reports" link above, Robert Spencer writes:

Nor is the Palestinian jihad the only ones the Saudis support. NBC’s Lisa Myers reported last summer: “An NBC News analysis of hundreds of foreign fighters who died in Iraq over the last two years reveals that a majority came from the same country as most of the 9/11 hijackers — Saudi Arabia. Among the suicide bombers was Ahmed al-Ghamdi, a one-time medical student and son of a Saudi diplomat. In December 2004, he climbed into a truck in Mosul and blew himself up. On an Internet video, another Saudi says goodbye to his mother, then drives an ambulance full of explosives into a building.” What motivated these people to go to Iraq? Unmistakably, it was the jihad ideology that, now over four years after 9/11, continues to be taught all over Saudi Arabia — while political correctness and fear prevent the State Department from identifying it as any problem, actual or potential.

Other recent Saudi-related cartoons: House of Hate and Sanitized.

And from CNN in August: Rumsfeld: Iraq bombs 'clearly from Iran'.

U.S. Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld said ... that weapons recently confiscated in Iraq were "clearly, unambiguously from Iran" and admonished Tehran for allowing the explosives to cross the border.

UPDATE -- Oct. 10: From BBC: Iran 'behind attacks on British'.

Britain has accused Iran of responsibility for explosions which have caused the deaths of all eight UK soldiers killed in Iraq this year.

A senior British official, briefing correspondents in London, blamed Iranian Revolutionary Guards.

He said they had provided technology to a Shia group in southern Iraq, although the Iranians had denied this, he added.

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