October 03, 2005

Tom DeLay


From FoxNews: DeLay Indicted on Money Laundering Charge.

A Texas grand jury on Monday re-indicted Rep. Tom DeLay (search) on charges of conspiring to launder money and money laundering after the former majority leader attacked last week's indictment on technical grounds.

The new indictment, handed up by a grand jury seated Monday, contains two counts: conspiring to launder money and money laundering. The latter charge carries a penalty of up to life in prison. Last week, DeLay was charged with conspiracy to violate campaign finance laws.

Defense lawyers asked a judge Monday to throw out the first indictment, arguing that the charge of conspiring to violate campaign finance laws was based on a statute that didn't take effect until 2003 a year after the alleged acts.

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Posted by Forkum at October 3, 2005 07:58 PM