November 11, 2005

We Have A Winner

Our congratulations and gratitude go to SparkS, who made the winning $650 bid/donation for the original art of our Project Valour-IT cartoon. SparkS also won a Chris Muir "Day By Day" comic strip in an auction hosted by Overtaken By Events. For the latest in the soon-to-end Project Valour-IT fund raising drive, see the blog. Our thanks goes to all the bidders and donators.

And on this Veterans Day, we extend our deepest appreication to all our veterans -- thank you for your service.

Veterans Day in the news:
Time overtaking World War I vets
America Honors Its Heroes on Veterans Day
Miss. Children Pen Moving Letters to GIs
Group of Navy Veterans Want Ship Named After Their Captain

And to see what military bloggers have to say today, see

UPDATE -- Nov. 12: A belated thanks to Holly Aho for her Web expertise with the auction.

Posted by Forkum at November 11, 2005 02:49 PM