November 14, 2005

Abdullah II


From CNN: King: Jordanians 'get mad, get even'.

Jordan's King Abdullah II has vowed that the perpetrators of Wednesday's suicide bombings will be brought to justice.

"There is tremendous outrage by the Jordanian public that these people have targeted just innocent people," he told CNN on Friday. "And I can tell you that we Jordanians, we get mad and we get even, and these people will be brought to justice."

The attacks by suicide bombers in and near three downtown Amman hotels killed 57 people, mostly Jordanians. A Web posting on Friday claimed the bombers were Iraqis. ...

"Jordan is now part of many countries that have suffered from the senseless violence of suicide bombers, whether it's in European countries or in Arab and Muslim countries," the Jordanian king told CNN's Brent Sadler.

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Posted by Forkum at November 14, 2005 07:23 PM